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Return Policy


Returns must be initiated within 30 days of delivery and completed within 3 weeks after initiated. 

What can be returned?

We accept the return of any items in undamaged, full, and unopened cartons in resalable condition except for the following:

Credits, Refunds, and Restocking Fees

Once your return is confirmed, your account will be credited the amount you paid for the items returned, including sales tax, and minus any restocking fees set by the seller. An item’s restocking fee is visible in the product information section of the product listing page. Shipping costs are not refundable.

How to Start a Return

To start a return, go to your Orders page, find the item you wish to return, and select “File Claim or Return.”

Returns will be processed by Solidshape. There is no additional need to contact your seller.

Return Shipping or Drop-off

You must receive a written authorization from Solidshape before returning any items (see How to Start a Return).

You will be responsible for the items arriving in good condition to the location indicated on the return authorization. You must communicate the estimated time, date, and method of return with Solidshape ahead of time to prevent any delays or complications in processing your return. Any items damaged or lost in transit, or otherwise not arriving in the condition stated above (see What can be returned?), will be ineligible for credit or refund. For high value items, we recommend that you add insurance coverage to your shipment.


Solidshape does not currently support exchanges. You must first return an order and then place a new order through Solidshape.

Any exchange conducted outside of Solidshape will result in the exchanged items not being covered by Solidshape's Claims and Return Policy and will be ineligible for any credit, refund, or replacement through Solidshape.

A note on natural stone

Natural stone can vary in appearance within a single lot or between different lots. If you approve a lot photo, be sure to refer to the lot number in your order notes. Claims submitted for variation in appearance in natural stone will be evaluated against what is customary and expected within current industry norms and practices. If the variation is determined to fall within a normally