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All items must be inspected immediately upon receipt. Claims may only be filed within the first 72 hours (3 days) of delivery. Once a claim is approved, items requiring return to the seller must be received within 3 weeks of the approval date.

Acceptable Reasons

You can file a claim for any of the following reasons:

Open Boxes

Although we do accept the return of open boxes as part of a claim, we ask that you only open as many boxes as necessary to determine your claim. Open boxes often can not be resold at retail and are more likely to suffer damage in transit, so please try to keep boxes intact to reduce waste and loss.

Claims Requiring Return

Claims requiring return of items will only be accepted for the full quantity ordered of that line item. In such cases, your claim will be considered complete only once the entire quantity fulfilled is received in-warehouse. Any unfulfilled quantity for that same line item will be canceled and included in the refund.

Claims Not Requiring Return

Claims that involve missing, damaged, or defective items may not require return. In such cases, Solidshape will determine whether the affected items are eligible for replacement, refund, or credit.

Return Shipment

If a return is required to complete your claim, Solidshape will assist in arranging return shipping at no cost to you. You will be responsible for packaging items safely for return. The shipping carrier will not help with packaging. Freight shipments must be packed and secured onto a shipping pallet for pickup. Parcel shipments should be double-boxed with appropriate padding and securely sealed. Damage incurred in-transit due to improper packaging may affect the outcome of your claim.

Packaged items for return must be made available for curbside pickup (for freight) or doorstep pickup (for parcel) at the designated time communicated by Solidshape. Missed pickups will not be rescheduled. If you miss a pickup, you will be responsible for delivering the packaged items to the appropriate carrier terminal or else arrange for alternative return shipping at your own expense.


Any amount owed you as a result of a claim will be credited to your Solidshape account as soon as the claim is confirmed by Solidshape to be completed. The amount eligible for refund will include the original item cost as well as taxes and shipping paid. You can request that the amount credited to your account be refunded to your original payment method at any time. Refunds to appear within 5-10 business days of when you place the request.

Claim Evaluation

Claims will be evaluated based on evidence you provide, relevant communications between you and the seller on Solidshape Messenger, and industry-wide standards and best practices. Photos are essential in the processing of a claim. Solidshape retains sole discretion and authority in determining the outcome of a claim, and all decisions are final. If a claim is denied, you may still file a return in accordance with the Return Policy.

How To File a Claim

To start a claim, go to your Orders page, find the item in question, and select “File Claim or Return.” Claims will be handled by Solidshape. There is no additional need to contact your seller.

A Note on Natural Stone

Natural stone can vary in appearance within a single lot or between different lots. If you approve a lot photo, be sure to refer to the lot number in your order notes. Claims submitted for variation in appearance in natural stone will be evaluated against what is customary and expected within current industry norms and practices. If the variation is determined to fall within a normally acceptable range, your claim may be converted to a return and covered under our Return Policy.